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Ladies Bags

Ladies’ bags are no more considered a luxury but they are an important accessory for every woman. These bags complement your whole dressing and overall look and you cannot go wrong with a sophisticated multi-purpose bag.


There are over 30 types of ladies bags to choose from including 1.Hand bag, Hobo bag, Tote bag, Duffle bag, Messenger bag, Backpack, Satchel, Doctor’s Bag, Bucket bag, etc. All these options might seem confusing but these distinct types of bags are made to serve specific purposes for targeted events.


No matter if you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant bag for a casual or formal look, we have always got your back. Our store has a range of variety for ladies’ bags in Pakistan. All of our bags are of top-notch quality, simply made with premium materials that you can never go wrong with it.

Which Bags are commonly used?

As we already stated, there are over 30 types of ladies’ bags but if you want to go more specific according to the trend in Pakistan then these three types of bags will complement your formal and casual looks. There are numerous ladies’ bag brands in Pakistan but no one provides such flexibility of choice that our store offers.


The following are the most common types of bags that are available on our online store along with other varieties.

Hand Bag

Handbags are the most versatile types of bags that are commonly loved by women. These bags are used for both formal and casual events. You can grab your handbag while going shopping or you can match it with your beautiful outfit to walk in style.


Every woman should have one of these handbags in their wardrobe. It is one of the most basic women accessories that are both useful and stylish at the same time. These bags mostly come in medium sizes and are easily available in our store.

Hobo Bag

These bags are more leaned towards casual usage. They are made from soft slouchy materials with a zipper on the upside. These bags come in various materials, designs, and sizes.


Hobo bags are ideal for casual users such as universities, hangouts, and traveling. These bags normally have a large storage capacity if we compare them to handbags.


Clutches / Bridle Bags

Clutches are specifically made for formal events such as weddings and parties but there are casual clutches available as well. These clutches are mostly used as bridal bags because of their small size and rigid structure. Clutches are in fashion and they will stay in fashion because no other bag can complement your formal looks so well.

Explore Your Desired Variety

The lists of these bags are never-ending and so is the variety in our store. So, the best approach is to decide whether you need a bag for formal or casual occasions? Once you have the answer to yourself then the options will open up and you can purchase your desired product from our collection without worrying about the prices or quality.

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