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Fresh Hand bags

Hand bags or handbags generally refer to the same types of bags that come with a strap to carry them over your shoulder. If you want to travel in fashion or you are just a university, college student then these bags are your go-to option.


There is a lot of storage space in hand bags to keep all your items and multiple pockets also provide you proper room for management. The hand bags for women possess one big quality which is their variety.


Hand bags are another class of little cowhide bags with numerous similarities to Clutch and Handheld Bags. The two classifications of bags are suitable for a scope of events and are hence searched after by designers and customers the same.


These bags come in various styles, designs, patterns, and materials. They are also made of soft materials while leather hand bags are also available which are a little bit formal but still they can be used for casual purposes.

Hand bags Types

Just like any other type of bag, these hand bags for girls have various types. Some hand bags are a little formal while others can be used casually but it also depends on your personal preference. Here are some common types of hand bags:

Bucket Bag

The Bucket Bag gets its name from its bucket-like shape and highlights an adjusted base with a drawstring clamped opening. A top choice for its flexible use case, the Bucket Bag is commonly produced using cowhide.

Tote Bag

The Tote Bag is a huge bag that ordinarily has an open-top compartment and two top handles. An exemplary bag that stays well known today, The Tote Bag can be either an open-top bag or a zippered top bag. Open top tote bags are normally produced using eco-accommodating materials like reused strands. Many Tote bags highlight water-safe nylon and a foldable design, making them adaptable for ordinary use.

Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag is a little, horseshoe-molded crossbody bag with a folding cover. Generally utilized as a pocket that would swing from one or the other side of a saddle on a pony, The Saddle Bag's notable shape stays as before today.

Hobo Bag

The Hobo Bag includes a slouchy shape and ordinarily has a long level shoulder lash and scooped place for simple carrying on your shoulders. Initially designed as a unisex bag, The Hobo Bag anyway turned into an "it" bag among females when Tom Ford delivered the Jackie bag under Gucci.

Grab your Hand Bag!

If you want to explore more shoulder bag options according to your own criteria for material and storage then check our online store collection. We guarantee the top-notch materials used to make these hand bags that feel both elegant and durable.


A variety of Hand Bags and Clutches are available to enhance your outfits or help you in day to day usage. At least one shoulder bag is necessary for every woman. So, if you have not bought one for yourself then explore your options in our store. 

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